The ultimate fusion of Function, Industrial Design and Haute Couture

What happens when the most experienced and creative minds from the Western and Asian cultures are unified in a single project? What happens, if these free spirits create an intercultural new age platform to give their bohemian personalities the creative space to flourish?

The new GB Platinum brand answers these questions within the framework of developing this unique intercultural brand from CYBEX founder Martin Pos and his father-figure, friend and mentor, the founder of Goodbaby, Zhenghuan Song. "Design is an expression of our personality and culture. We articulate our style through the products and the story behind the brand. The perfect symbiosis of fashion and modern industrial design is the unique signature of our new design language" explains Martin Pos. They have made it their mission to align rebellious technologies with iconic design. "We do not accept technical boundaries, and ask ourselves, why not?. When people from different cultures come together, and think without restrictions, unbelievable things happen" says Zhenghuan Song. GB invites you on a special journey into the future – "Future Perfect" as a clear commitment to our "never-look-back" culture!

The ultimate fusion of function, industrial design and Haute Couture. It is our passion for art and details which unite these worlds. Perfection can only be reached when these three ideas merge seamlessly with one another, down to the last detail. It is form, function, and design in parallel rather than form follows function. After all, these three pillars each carry the same significance. Following the slogan "Future Perfect", GB is dedicated to creating products that consider all elements, even the smallest detail, during the design and development process. Our goal is to transcend all cultural borders and create a new way of thinking by fusing fashion and industrial design. Sleek contours, lightness, iconic elements– only the best solution counts. Our intention is to venture into the realm of fashion and take inspiration from pioneering collections and unite it with our character and with the best that technology and design have to offer.

The result: unique products and icons of the future, developed for the here and now.

Goodbaby Pockit+ Stroller Silver Fox Grey
18% OFF RRP $399.99
Goodbaby Pockit Stroller Satin Black
33% OFF RRP $299.99
Goodbaby Pockit+ Stroller Satin Black
18% OFF RRP $399.99
Goodbaby Pockit Stroller With Travel Bag
36% OFF RRP $359.98
Goodbaby Pockit Travel Bag

Goodbaby Pockit Travel Bag


17% OFF RRP $59.99
Goodbaby Qbit+ Stroller Silver Fox Grey
27% OFF RRP $449.99
Goodbaby Pockit+ Travel Stroller Black W Carry Bag
24% OFF RRP $459.98
Goodbaby Cot To Go Satin Black

Goodbaby Cot To Go Satin Black


20% OFF RRP $249.99
Goodbaby Pockit+ Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller Grey W Carry Bag
24% OFF RRP $459.98
Goodbaby Pockit+ Stroller Car Seat Adapter Black
8% OFF RRP $49.99
Goodbaby Pockit+ Stroller W Baby Bassinet Carry Cot To Go Black
15% OFF RRP $649.98
Goodbaby Qbit+ Baby Stroller W Cybex Cloud Q Infant Carrier Capsule Travel System
20% OFF RRP $1,249.98
Goodbaby Qbit+ Car Seat Adaptor

Goodbaby Qbit+ Car Seat Adaptor


13% OFF RRP $39.99
Goodbaby Qbit+ Stoller & Cybex Cloud Q Infant Carrier Capsule Grey
20% OFF RRP $1,249.98
Goodbaby Qbit+ Stroller Satin Black
22% OFF RRP $449.99