Maclaren Stroller & Prams

A Passion for Excellence!

It all began in 1965 when Owen Maclaren designed and patented his prototype Baby Buggy the B-01. The iconic blue and white stripes and aluminium frame imparts a vintage style that is popular and modern today. The revolutionary lightweight, 3D fold design continues to be an important and timeless prototype for the industry.Today’s Maclaren Buggys are descendants of the B-01 - from the lightweight frame, durable fabric, and one-hand fold to the above-industry standard safety features and innovative style.

Maclaren's perpetual passion to provide safe, innovative transport to the planet's youngest citizens is based upon a foundation of acting socially and environmentally responsible so the children of today can thrive in the world of tomorrow!

To the naked eye, a Maclaren stroller may seem like a modern, well-designed baby pram. But aficionados know that Maclaren prams are a feat of aviation engineering. As one of the first foldable baby strollers in the market, Maclaren’s ingenious design draws inspiration from lightweight airplane structures to keep your baby safe and comfortable.

Aviation engineer and former test pilot Owen Finlay Maclaren saw the need for a sleek, compact stroller for a new generation of active parents. He envisioned a compact pram that could be folded and carried around easily as parents traveled long distances with small children.

The result? The Maclaren stroller, a forward-thinking stroller that would transform the lives of busy mums all over the world. This baby pram folds like an umbrella without sacrificing size or safety – just look at the Maclaren Twin Techno, which comfortably fits two in a compact stroller. Designed for mums who are constantly on the move, our Maclaren strollers feature durable but lightweight design that lets you take your baby places.

While other foldable strollers fold in half, the Maclaren pram comes with a patented frame that folds in on itself, making it smaller and much lighter than any other foldable stroller that came before it. Active mums will appreciate this unique detail as it lets them fold the stroller with just one hand while holding their baby with the other. Traveling with your child has never been this convenient.

Every parent knows how inconvenient it is to have to carry a big, bulky pram. It’s heavy, unwieldy, and takes up too much space. It’s a hassle and it cramps your style. Maclaren’s product range was meant to make life easier for parents on-the-go. Whether you’re running errands and visiting family for the weekend, a trusty Maclaren stroller is the perfect companion for you and your baby.

  • Our Maclaren Prams include a wide range of options to suit each lifestyle. From our flagship Maclaren Techno XT with all the bells and whistles of an upscale model, to the lightweight Maclaren Quest Arc for daily practical use, we offer a curated assortment of baby carriages.
  • Find the right Maclaren stroller for you and your baby. We’ve come a long way from the old Baby Buggy® of the 1960s. Our collection includes modern baby prams for the modern family. Maclaren also offers replacement parts and accessories to help you personalise your very own baby travel system. From liners and buggy blankets to wheel covers and stroller cup holders, each Maclaren Quest stroller can be accessorised for enhanced functionality and visual appeal.

You can never go wrong with quality. A trailblazer in the baby pram industry, Maclaren continues its legacy of innovation and superior safety standards.

Maclaren’s design borrows heavily from aeronautical engineering to revolutionise baby transport. Each Maclaren Vogue stroller is made to be the lightest, safest and most durable model in its class. The brand is known for patented award-winning safety features like the Newborn Safety System™, which includes a four-position fully reclining baby seat with an extended leg rest and wheel suspension. This creates a restful cocoon that keeps your baby safe while you’re out and about.

To raise the bar for baby transport safety, Maclaren works with a massive development team tasked with creating innovative products of superior quality. With extensive backgrounds in mechanical engineering and fashion design, the team is constantly looking for ways to perfect and master baby stroller technology. That’s why Maclaren prams outperform all others in the market.

Owen Maclaren came up with the idea for the first foldable baby buggy after visits from his daughter and her newborn child in a bulky pram. He saw the need for lighter and compact stroller designs that could make baby transport much easier for parents. The aeronautical engineer started thinking of ways to make traveling easier for his daughter’s family. The first Mclaren umbrella stroller entered the market in 1965 and forever changed the way mums travel with babies. And the rest, they say, is history.

Maclaren continues to transform baby transport as parents’ needs and lifestyles change with time. The company maintains a high standard of quality. With zero tolerance for anything that can compromise your child’s safety, Maclaren prams give parents everywhere peace of mind, freedom of movement, and the luxury of convenience.

Their product range has since expanded to include replacement parts, pram accessories, and travel bags to make life easier for the active mum. Whether you’re visiting family for the weekend or making a quick trip to the supermarket, travel is safer and more enjoyable with Maclaren strollers.